Besides hot springs, Misasa offers several sightseeing that you can visit before/after relaxing in a good bath.

// Mount Mitoku - Sanbutsu-ji - Nageiredo

Mount Mitoku is the biggest mountain in Misasa (around 900m) and is a place where monks can perform the spiritual training called Shugendo since 1300 years. There, you can visit the main temple, called Sanbutsu-ji, as well as its other buildings. The most impressive one is called Nageiredo, a late Heian period temple, and is located on the cliff of Mount Mitoku. Many tourists come to Misasa to climb Mount Mitoku in order to see the Nageiredo which is currently under consideration to become a World Heritage Site.

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// Oshika Valley

Oshika Valley, where joins the Mitoku River and the Oshika River, is designated by Japanese Government as a "place of scenic beauty" (meishou). In fact, Oshika Valley offers a very beautiful nature and scenery that tourists can enjoy by walking through a hiking course of about 1km. Oshika Valley is especially beautiful during fall, when red leaves start appearing.



*Map (Japanese)

// Satues and Monuments

If you decide to have a walk in Misasa after a good bath, you will encounter several statues and monuments. Check the map below to find them easily !

* The main characters of "Misasa Kouta", a movie shot in Misasa in 1927 

* Marie Curie statues

// Other Shrines and Temples

* Misasa Jinja

* Nanen-ji

// Art Museum

From 9:00 to 17:00, closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

// "Jinsho no Yakata" (Hanayu Festival's Museum)

// Bridges

* Koitani Bridge

* Misasa Bridge

* Kajika Bridge

// Foot baths

You can find several foot baths (free) in Misasa. Here is one of them, "Yakushi no Yu":

// Maps

* In japanese

* In English

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