Thursday, 21 April 2016

2016 Hanayu Festival Schedule

Every year you can enjoy the giant tug-of-war of Misasa's Hanayu Festival on May 3rd and 4th. Please find below a short video of the event as well as the schedule for this year. Feel free to come and watch the festival!
Refer to the English map here : english map

- May 3rd :
*From 8:00 : making of the two giant ropes (80m, 2t) used in the tug-of-war the next day (onsen district next to the river close to Koitani Bridge).
*From 20:30 : fireworks (Koitani Bridge)

- May 4th :
*From 9:30 : ceremony in Misasa Shrine
*From 11:00: ceremony in Yakushi-do (next to the Healing Buddha foot bath, onsen main street)
*From 11:30: kids parade (onsen district)
*From 15:00: kids mikoshi parade (onsen district)
*From 20:00: fireworks
*From 20:30: preparation for the tug-of-war (taking the two ropes to the center of the onsen main street)
*From 21:30: tug-of-war (main event)

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