Monday, 26 January 2015

Furusato Letter Video

As the rest of Japan, Misasa is facing the problem of its aging population. Most of the coming-of-age young people will soon leave Misasa to go to university in other cities and may not go back. The town decided to launch the Furusato Letter ("Hometown Letter") project which aims to help young people to stay in touch with their hometown by receiving each month the town's newspaper and flyers, etc. By doing that, the town hopes that the young will stay close to Misasa and will go back home after their studies. I have been asked to make a short and simple video introducing this project that have been shown to the kids during their coming-of-age ceremony in early January. 

三朝町「ふるさとレター」事業を紹介するビデオです。 三朝町では、町外で暮らす若者の皆さんへ定期的に情報をお届けする「ふるさとレター」の利用希望者を募集しています。町を離れて頑張っている若者の皆さん、わが子へ定期的に町の情報を提供したい保護者の皆さん、ぜひお申し込みください。毎月の「広報みささ」を中心としたふるさとの便りが下宿先などに届きます。就職に関係する情報もあわせて届きます。 問い合わせ:三朝町役場 企画観光課 0858-43-3514

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