Monday, 10 November 2014

温泉ライダーが三朝にやってきます!”Onsen Rider” is coming to Misasa !




///. 22日(土)のプログラム

・会場:三朝町ふるさと健康むら 〒682-0125鳥取県東伯郡三朝町横手15-1 電話:0858-43-1116

- ウィーラースクール(自転車教室、小学生以下、申し込み必要)【10時から14時30分まで、午前中1回と午後1回】
- 自転車の超絶曲芸ショー「あかっぴショー」【一回目:12:00~12:30、二回目14:50~15:10】
- スポーツ自転車の試乗会
- 飲食コーナー

///. 23日(日)のプログラム

・会場:三朝町役場 〒682-0195鳥取県東伯郡三朝町大瀬999-2 電話:0858-43-1111

- メインの「4時間サイクルエンデューロ」の開催:ぜひ見に来てください!
- グルメブース:アントニーのクレープの他にはたくさんあります。
- 映画「茄子 アンダルシアの夏」無料上映会:三朝町総合文化ホール(役場の隣)、10時と13時から(2回)


Onsen Rider is coming to Misasa !

Onsen Rider is a cycling event that is organized every year in Onsen towns all over Japan. This year, to celebrate the 850th anniversary since the discovery of Misasa's hot springs it will be organized in Misasa on November 22nd (Sat.) and 23rd (Sun.). Besides the race, there will be several events during both days and also food stands. I will make chocolate banana crepes on Nov. 23rd (Sun.), so feel free to come to have some.

・Days: 2014, November 22nd (Sat.) and 23rd (Sun.)
・Venue: Misasa-cho Furusato Kenko Mura (Nov. 22nd) and Misasa Town Office / Cultural Center (Nov. 23rd)

///. Program of the first day (Nov. 22nd, Sat.)

・Venue: Misasa-cho Furusato Kenko Mura 682-0125 Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Misasa-cho, Yokote 15-1 Phone: 0858-43-1116
・Contents: around 9:00am to around 16:00pm

- Wieler School (cycling course for kids, subscription needed)【from 10:00am to 14:30pm、one time on morning and one during afternoon】
- Acrobatic cycling show 【30minutes, from 12:00 and 14:50pm、two times】
- Food stands 

///. Program of the second day (Nov. 23rd, Sun.)

・Venue: Misasa Town Office and Cultural Center 682-0195 Tottori-ken, Tohaku-gun, Misasa-cho, Ooze 999-2 Phone: 0858-43-111
・Contents: around 9:00am to around 16:00pm

- The main event is a "4 hours enduro race" : feel free to come to see it!
- Food stands : there will be Anthony's chocolate-banana crepes and other food.
Details here:
- Free screenings of a movie (anime) : "Nasu: A Summer in Andalusia" (at Cultural Center next to the town office, from 10:00 and from 13:00)

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・三朝町ふるさと健康むら Misasa-cho Furusato Kenko Mura

・三朝町役場 Misasa Town Office / Cultural Center

・詳しくは More information

At Furusato Kenko Mura on Nov. 22nd from 15:40 to 16:40, there will also be a stage performance from AKB48 member and comedians called Honomaru to celebrate the registration of Mount Mitoku as National Park.

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