Monday, 18 February 2013

Iitoko Tottori Film Festival / イイトコトットリ映画祭


As you may know, I am participating in a video contest called “Iitoko tottori” ( The first step was a popularity vote on the contest’s website, and the 20 most popular videos have been chosen for the competition that will decide a winner. 
There will a screening of the 20 videos during the “Iitoko Tottori Film Festival” and a jury will decide which video is the best. My video is one of them, so it will be screened and I have a chance to win!

There will also be a screening of “Negiman” and other things.

Entrance to the Film Festival is free so, if you have nothing schedule on Feb. 24st (Sunday), feel free to come to the festival and have fun!


When? : February 24st (Sunday), from 17:00 (opening at 16:30)
Where? : Tottori Cinema
Entrance fee: free
Content: screening of the 20 videos and announcement of the winners (prices from the 1st to 6th place); screening of “Negiman” followed by a talk; lottery




イイトコトットリ映画祭では、応募いただいた動画の一次審査(1月7日〜2月4日)の上位20作品を、映画館で上映し、審査員による最終審査を行い、最優秀賞、優秀賞を決定します。 他にも「米子映画事変」において上映され大反響があった話題の「ネギマン」の上映、来場者に様々なグッズの当たる抽選会を行うなど、子どもから大人まで誰もが楽しめる映画祭です。

•開催日: 2013年2月24日(日)17:00~ 開場/16:30
•開催場所: 鳥取シネマ(鳥取市栄町606まるもビル4F)
•賞及び賞金:最優秀賞 (1点) 賞状と賞金10万円;優秀賞(5点) 賞状と賞金1万円

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