Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hanayu Festival for Tottori JETs and other non-Japanese people

Hello every one,

As I already said, there will be a big festival in Misasa on May 3rd (Thursday) and May 4th (Friday), during the Golden Week.
We would be very happy if foreigners, JETs from Tottori or not, could come to see and even participate to this Festival.

On May 3rd, we will build the giant rope for the main event called Jinsho on the 4th. There will be also a tour with the rope on the city and some fireworks.
You can participate in the building of the rope during the day (from 1 p.m. I think). Please contact me (Anthony) if you want to :
I will do the application for every one.

On May 4th, there will be events during all day, like children omokoshi or fireworks (more details to come). The main event, the Jinsho, will be at night. During the Jinsho two teams pull on the rope.

Important notice :

If enough foreigners  can come (like 10 persons), it will be possible for every one to stay for free in a school during the festival, have some food and contract an insurance in case you want to participate in the building of the rope (May 3rd).
If you are interested (in participating or just coming for sightseeing), please send me an e-mail  to

We look forward to see you there, and if you have any question feel free to ask. :)

Contact :

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