Monday, 1 February 2010

Mount Mitoku Gyoja Donburi

On January 25th 2010, five restaurants in Misasa presented their own vegetarian donburi (bowl of rice covered with toppings) which they think best represents Mount Mitoku, at a tasting session held at the Hotel Blanc Art in Misasa Spa. An initiative that goes hand in hand with the promotion of Mount Mitoku and Nageireido temple as world heritage, and creating dish that will eventually be served in Misasa, reminding people of the vegetarian kitchen of the monks of Mount Mitoku.

Aesthetics, creativity and taste were the criterions that 6 people (including myself) used to give our impressions about each rice bowl presented. The staple being obviously rice, all the donburi had to include jinenjo, a variety of sweet potato called yams, which grows abundantly on Mount Mitoku.

Here are, for visual viewing pleasure, a few pictures of the five donburi presented, with a video online on the Nihonkai Shimbun website.

1.Hana’s Donburi
Design: Jinenjo liquefied on top didn’t look very tasty
Taste : a little bland

2. Blanc Art ‘s Donburi
Design: The most successful, the omelette on top covered with various vegetables perfectly represented Mount Mitoku
Taste: Just like it is

3.Nakaya Inn’s Donburi
Design: no special efforts made on the presentation
Taste: good taste through the variety of vegetables used

4. Sansui’s Donburi
Design: nifty for giving the appearance of eel to the jinenjo.
Taste: lack of vegetables but well-seasoned

5.Kiraku’s Donburi
Design: disappointment for this Donburi, rice hidden under a uniform gray paste (the jinenjo yet) no stress on the presentation.
Taste: Too little taste of vegetables

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